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Registrations closed!

Hey beautiful Kinoites from around the globe, as we really don’t like saying no to people and we are already SERIOUSLY OVERBOOKED, we have decided it’s best to CLOSE REGISTRATIONS. We’ll try and squeeze in as many people as we reasonably can, promise. We are gonna leave the form open just in case Godzilla eats everyone on the waiting list, but please understand WE CAN’T GUARANTEE YOU A PLACE SO PLEASE DON’T BOOK AIRPLANE TICKETS WITHOUT GETTING A CONFIRMATION FROM US!!!! If it’s not this time we hope to see you here very soon!
Love + Pizza!
The Kino Napoli Team

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  1. Ciao ragazzi,
    Avrei voluto partecipare, potete dirmi s’e possibile, tipo dal 2 al 5 o6?

    1. Siamo in lista d’attesa. Si stanno liberando un pò di posti quindi magari compila il form e nei prossimi giorni sapremo se possiamo prendere altre persone. grazie!

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