Kino Napoli Grande Vento 2016

Kino Napoli Grande Vento 2016

3 day mini kabaret inside the Grande Vento @ l’Asilo.

The 27,28,29 December will you be home burping your Turkey or with us shooting movies?
Kino Napoli is back at the Grande Vento, the 3 day long arts fest @ l’Asilo: one session of Guerrilla filmmaking – from script to screen in less than 72h!

Madness? It’s Kino, dude!

Have an idea for a short film? Pitch it, form your crew, shoot, edit, drink a lot of beer and coffee (wooooh, not together!), check out your film on the big screen!

Shoot, edit, screen, struffoli!

ATTENTION: This is a crazy stripped down version of our famous International Kabaret, so be prepared. We will be packed like sardines in a tiny room while in the rest of the Asilo there will be performances, music, fire eaters, people walking on ceilings and flying dragons.

You know how much we love shoving delicious food down your throats and providing you with a comfy mattress, but unfortunately for this minikab Kino Napoli will not be taking care of accommodation or food, so stuff your pockets with leftovers from your gran’s Christmas dinner and beg other participants to give you a bed or a tile to sleep on for a couple of hours.

Spots are limited so make sure you register ASAP right here!

Wanna know more about l’Asilo or Grande Vento?

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