Kino Napoli are a group of filmmakers who love watching and making films together. Our 1st International Kabaret was in June 2015 and it was pizzatastic, with around 80 participants from 15 countries and more than 60 short films made in 8 days! Since then we’ve also organised a 3 day Mini Kabaret in December 2015 as part of l’Asilo’s Grande Vento. Our plan is to make more Mini Kabarets during the year, as well as monthly screenings of Kino films from around the world and open-mic short film nights, during which filmmakers can present their films and look for collaborations. We want to create a space were local and international filmmakers can get together and share their passion and ridiculous ideas with likeminded people, were they can feel free to risk and experiment in a chilled-out, enthusiastic environment, fuck up without someone screaming at you, make a terrible film without the fear of being judged.

To us filmmaking is not a competition, it’s a collaborative experience where people share their skills and learn from each other, where creativity beats time and budget limitations, where a sound designer jumps into a crocodile costume and becomes an actor, and an actor is asked to finish the edit of a film cause the editor is sick from eating too much pizza, and a DOP can finally realise his dream of becoming a butoh dancer for a day. You have an idea for a film? Great, let’s shoot it together. Join the madness!

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